Business Card & Flyer Design

The importance of good business card design

To some people, a business card is just a “bit of paper with a number on.”  We disagree. We define a business card as your first impression. We often believe it can help people formulate an opinion of how professional your business is or how seriously you take yourself. Why waste an opportunity? We design business cards from just £49!

A consistent brand

When tasked with building the perfect business card for your business, we will look to tie it in with your website or any other material you already have. Having a consistent set of colours or fonts makes your business look a great deal more professional and helps for “brand recognition,” something important to your customers. If you already have a website, we utilize multiple tools which give us the exact colors, fonts and spacing.

Multiple Options / Multiple Printers

We don’t print business cards, we work with you throughout the design process to come up with the perfect product. Once complete, we provide you with the design to do as you please. This is advantageous for the customer as you will be able to compare prices and options for lots of companies (some people like to get their cards printed locally). This is good for us as it lets us focus on finding the perfect design. It’s important to say that we will never abandon you. If you would prefer for us to sort out the printing, we can also do so for a small additional cost.

What about flyers or other items?

We can provide designs for just about anything, As long as you can give us the dimensions/resolution, we can give you a design destined to bring in customers!

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