Social Media

It’s time to stop neglecting social media

We still see too many businesses failing to utilize social media, we see this as a real missed opportunity to engage with customers.

Coming up with a strategy

We know the struggles associated with social media and there are some scenarios where we advise you to place a lesser emphasis on it. Our approach to social media is to create Facebook & Twitter pages. These pages can be set up to tie in with your brand identity and can contain links to your website/contact details. Once set up, we hand the controls over to you, then it’s a case of posting relevant content as often as possible – driving people to your website.

Brand Identity

We often see people using personal Facebook pages to promote their business- this is wrong, It’s important to ensure that you are using a business page as this will allow you to interact more efficiently with your customers. It’s also important that you have your correct logo and colour scheme implemented, along with crucial information from your website- We offer this as part of our social media induction packages.

Page usernames

If possible, try to have a consistent username for your page(s), this provides customers with an easy gateway to you.

List of accounts we typically create