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We offer mutliple website packages and options, on this page you should be able to find answers to any questions you may have

There are many areas within Website Design. Below you can see each area we deal with.

Did you know?..

Around 60% of small businesses don't have websites

- GoDaddy

Don't miss out on the chance for you to grab your website ahead of your competitors. Having a site can really help you connect with customers, leading to increased revenues.

55% of web traffic now comes from a mobile device

- Google

Could you afford to lose half your customers by not having a mobile friendly site? Mobile friendly sites are also ranked higher on Google. We always write responsive code.

134,037 new domains were registered in January 2017 alone

- Nominet

Get your web address while it is still available! If you aren't ready to build your full site yet, we can build domain holding pages which help keep up your company image.

With prices as low as £99, can you really put off getting a website any longer?

Sites that work on ALL devices!

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Here are the different areas within "Website Design" that we deal with

Website Design for everyone!

Lots of people come to us, worried about how much a website may cost. We have several base packages which suit the needs of most businesses/organizations & most budgets!

Wordpress CMS Development

Ok, we know we are repeating ourselves now but we cannot stress enough how useful a content management system actually is!

E-Commerce Systems

Open up your product / sales-based business to the world!

Website Analytics

We use the #1 ranked Google Analytics platform to monitor the people who visit our websites. Analytics are very useful for making informed decisions.

Website Hosting

In order to keep a website live, you will need it hosted somewhere! We offer great rates on hosting!


Whether you commissioned a site from Cheshire Web Solutions or from another company, we are always happy to take over management of work providing it is within our skill set.

We love wordpress

It enables us to hand you control of your website's content, meaning you can update content independently.

Our 10 step Website Design process

How we progress from initial meeting to a finished product- tried and tested by Cheshire Web Solutions

  1. Analyse Competition - We gather a list of your competitors and analyse their websites, looking for keywords they use and ways to make your site more professional than theirs.
  2. Get Sketching - We start to make some early prototypes of how your website may look. This can be done with you or without you, its always YOUR choice!
  3. Gather your website content - We will ask for all the text / images that you wish to use across your website. Advice about which keywords to use can be provided.
  4. Build a desktop site - We build a desktop version of the site, useful for checking content and design ideas.
  5. Gather Feedback & Perform Testing - We put this site live on one of our testing servers, you can gather feedback and we can optimize the site for speed and keywords.
  6. Adapt site for mobile - When happy with the desktop site, we progress to adapt your site to work on all the devices it could encounter.
  7. More feedback & testing - We perform the same steps as above, making sure the website works on mobiles & other smaller screen devices.
  8. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - We ensure the correct keywords have been used whilst also ensuring your site is ready for google and other search engines. We also add OG markup.
  9. Make final changes - Ensure you and your colleges are 100% happy with the work done. We can make any slight adjustments at this point.
  10. Go Live - We sit back and watch you/your business grow!

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