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What is responsive web design?

Posted July 10, 2017

You probably know that web design is the process of designing a website, but what is responsive web design?

Responsive web design or RWD is the process of designing/adapting a website so that all content displayed looks great on any device that can be used to access it. We are often asked if we build mobile sites, the short answer is yes, the long answer is no.

Mobile sites are separate websites designed for small screen devices. An example of a mobile site is, facebook’s mobile version. It used to be the case that every website would have a normal site (used for PCs and Laptops) & a mobile site (used for phones). This all changed in June 2012 when media queries came into play, with the introduction of CSS3, we were now able to specify different styling for websites depending on the dimensions of the screen.

Think about all the devices you have in your home or workplace, It wouldn’t be uncommon for you to have a phone, tablet, laptop & desktop PC. Now think of the screens on each device and how they vary in size and orientation. Imagine you had to have a different website for each device… What a pain. Responsive web design soothes any potential pains as the website built is able to adapt to each of the devices.

Closing notes

In around 2015, Google began to downgrade websites which weren’t mobile friendly, don’t let your business suffer on google! talk to us today & let us optimize your website for mobile devices!